Marine Hydraulic Steering gear

Marine Hydraulic Steering Gear Description

1000kn·m test stand for hydraulic steering gear from our company is the biggest one in China
recently. It can simulate practical work condition of ship to load the product during navigation, in addition,
it use high-precision digital instrument to automatically test and record the output torque and mechanical
efficiency of tested steering gear at any rudder turning angles.The test stand is used for test our steering
gears, such as linked cylinder type, ram type and rotary vane type steering gear.

Model Introduction

YD-(A/B/Z) (X)-(12/20/28)-(Y)-(Z)-(W)

YD-Electro-hydraulic steering gear A-Fork type B-Linked Ram type Z-Rotary Vane type X-Torque(kn.m) 12/20/28-Rudder turning time(S) Y-No of Rudder(1-single/2-double/3-three) Z-Control method(ZK-direct control/DK-electronic control/BK-pump control) W:No of motor


The electro-hydraulic steering gear is mainly composed by a set of rudder device, electro-controlled pump station, emergency system, operation console and spare oil tank.
The rudder devices consist of rudder-pushing device, manual isolation valves, rudder angle indicator etc. It can be sorted of one single rudder unit, double rudder units, special orders can be 3~4 rudder units.
The rudder-driving device is a mechanism which can change hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, by driving the rudder stock moving.
The electro-controlled pump station is a device which supply and control the hydraulic energy. The fuel tank, motor pump group and hydraulic system control valves are integrated.Normaly, the steering gear equipped with two sets of pump stations and can be used alternately. Due to the system’s transform can be quick and convenient, the rudder can be controlled both in the cab or engine room.
There are many emergency system types according to different navigation zone, such as handle pump, bladder accumulator and DC motor pump sets.
The operate methods of steering gear include manual operation, servo-control, automatic control.
Different ships choose different control way.