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    ac Marine Valve

    We can supply standard JIS marine valves in a wide variety of sizes. As a reliable JIS marine valve supplier,we control the quality from the casting to the final test to ensure that our product have reliable quality with very competitive price. JIS marine valve mainly includes globe valve, check valve, SDNR valve, hose valve, gate valve, storm valve, butterfly valve, quick-closing valve, air vent head, marine strainer and other marine accessories. And we always export JIS marine valve to Vietnam, Malaysia,Indonesia, Singapore, England, Germany, Chile, India, South Africa etc..
  • Actuator Series

  • Air breathing apparatus

    Self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus are used widely for fire-fighting, chemical industry, shipping, laboratory, mine, pertroleum, warehose, factory and metallurgy. It can provide effetely respiratory protecting from toxic gases for fire-fighting, life-saver, rescuer and operator who working in thick smoke, steam, and oxygen deficiency hazardous atmosphere. The product was awarded the certificate of inspection by state quality testing center for fire-fighting equipment, and it is up to the China standard of GA124” self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus for fire-fighting. Condition a.The atmosphere is polluted by smoke、poisonous gas or/and hot vapor, or in the hypoxygen situation. b.In the atmosphere of -30℃~+60℃,at 0~100% relative humidity and 70KPa~125 KPa atmosphere pressure. Available Type: 5 liter steel cylinder breathing apparatus 6 liter steel cylinder breathing apparatus 6.8 liter Carbon fiber composite cyclinder breathing apparatus
  • Air Diffuser

    Air diffuser is also called cabin unit, it is a kind of terminal unit of marine air conditioning system. Ceilding Air Diffuser is mainly composed of static pressure box, air volume regulator and diffuser. The air volume has the function of primary air volume limit and secondary air volume regulation. The primary limit mechanism of transmission is used to balance the air volume, so that the air volume distribution reaches the design value. The Secondary air volume is manually adjusted by the crew's own comfort level.
  • Air Powered Airless Sprayer

  • Alarm Indicator System

    Alarm Indicator System

  • Anchor Chain

    The design, manufacture and testing of stud link anchor chain cables and accessories comply with the class society, depending upon the chain cable stell used for manufacture, stud link chain cables are subdivided into three grades, U1, U2, U3, but in practice, U2 and U3 is used widely. All Materials used for chain cables and accessories are to be supplied by works approval by class society. For grade 3 steel bars, detailed material specification including manufacturing procedure, deoxidation practice, specified chemical ompostion, heat treatment and mechanical propertiy required. JINBO MARINE supply all kinds of anchor chains, Grade U2 and Grade U3, the size is from 12.5mm to 132mm; Our marine anchor chain is supplied with high quality, reasonable price and fast delivery, ABS, LR, BV, DNVGL, RINA, NK, KR, IRS and CCS can be provided. Surface Finish is Black Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized. Ship Chain Cable Accessories------Kenter Shackle, Anchor Shackle, Joining D shackle and Swivel Forerunner. We supplied lots of anchor chains to the shipyard, owner and stockist in many countries such as Singapore,Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailland, Finland, Russia,Nigeria and other countries.
  • Anchor Releaser

  • Angle Grinder

  • Anti-Seize Compound

  • Anti-Seize(Copper)

  • Bass Broom